Supporting grass-roots initiatives can seem hard from a distance - so many questions; such small effects; such big problems - and all so far away.

That's where DadaMac comes in - we're using modern technology to bring you closer to the wonderful work that is being done by small-scale ChangeMakers all over the world - and to empower you to help in simple but powerful ways.

You can help - right now! Here are five ways...

  1. SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Look at some recent ChangeMaker blog posts, here; choose one you find interesting, then use the 'sharing' icons at the bottom to share with your contacts.
  2. ADD A CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENT: ChangeMakers are often quite isolated - positive messages can be really encouraging - use the 'Comments' form at the bottom of each post. You may even be able to help out by posting a link to a helpful resource. We ask for your email address which will be kept secure and used for nothing other than the occasional newsletter.
  3. JOIN THE DadaMac Network AS A SUPPORTER: Use this form. Registering as a Supporter is free and implies no commitment. It really helps DadaMac and the ChangeMakers we support to be able to show how many supporters our work attracts.
  4. ENQUIRE ABOUT VOLUNTEERING: Volunteering with DadaMac can be tailored to what you're interested in. Most volunteering can be done online, at times to suit you. Get in touch here in the first instance - tell us about yourself and let us know what you think you might like to do.
  5. DONATEDadaMac runs appeals only for ChangeMakers that we have long experience of and full trust in. We also fundraise to cover the cost of running this website - we have very few other expenses - all the work is carried out by volunteers. Donate here - all the projects we support do astonishing things with very small budgets - even tiny donations are gratefully received.

Thank you!