DadaMac believes that there are millions of grass-roots changemakers all over the world, with brilliant ideas to improve life-chances in the communities they know best.

DadaMac believes that these Changemakers are the best people to do development work - the most effective, the most sensitive to local needs and conditions, the most dedicated to the people they are working with - their own community.

We also believe that there are billions of people in the world who would love the chance to directly support work that improves equality of opportunity and life-chances for disadvantaged people and communities.

Until now, there has been no effective way to connect these people to each other directly, on the basis of trust, transparency and shared humanity. We have grown to rely on large, bureaucratic Aid Agencies, NGOs, UN projects to support international development efforts. These organsiations are full of well-meaning, committed individuals, and have access to large funds and to government support, and of course they do good work in many ways.

But these agencies have a poor record in supporting small-scale, grass roots projects, each one unique. Grass-roots Changemakers - even with long-established projects and amazing track-records, have great difficulty accessing support from the large agencies. There is simply too much of a scal gap between them.

DadaMac has pioneered and is now developing a platform to enable direct, transparent connections between changemakers and supporters across the world, on the basis of clear communication and a build-up of trust.