DadaMac is by design a lightweight organisation with a minimal hierarchy - we exist in order to provide a platform for Changemakers and their supporters - to enable the work that they do.

The platform is an enabling mechanism for spreading information about the good work of all sorts of Changemakers as widely as possible - and for developing support networks that empower ChangeMakers to do their work on their own terms. 

DadaMac believes that empowering ChangeMakers and their supporters in this way supports deep and sustainable change - because it comes from people - both ChangeMakers and their supporters - embedded in their own communities. Supporting their Day-to-Day activities is our purpose.

At the moment, we support them principally by way of this website - the platform through which stories are told and support activities co-ordinated. This we describe as the Systems and Culture of DadaMac

The website has been developed on the basis of the Operating Policies of DadaMac - the core activity of communicating the stories of ChangeMakers' work to the world.

The underpinnings of the Operating Policies are maintained by the small core team of key Volunteers and Trustees, responsible for the maintenance and development of the organisation and for building the capacity of DadaMac in accordance with the Core Values.