DadaMac has developed this website as a platform to help people doing development in areas of disadvantage communicate their stories to the wider world - to attract support, to build credibility, to exchange information.

DadaMac is not a funding organisation - we do not offer financial support. But from previous experience, working with Changemakers over the last decade, we know that direct connections between people can led to a wide variety of support and solidarity that we know has been of great value.

It works like this - Changemakers send us information about their work - using this form; DadaMac volunteers then make a page on this site, using the information provided - that's all it takes to be represented in the DadaMac Network.

As well as Changemakers, DadaMac also works to attract people around the world who care about international development work and who want to help in challenging disadvantage. We encourage these supporters to spread the word about the work of Changemakers on social media, raising profile and increasing credibility.

Supporters who become interested in the work of a particular Changemaker can get some training, to become Information Agents - communicating with the Changemaker to learn more about their work on a regular basis, and writing blog posts to spread the word. 

Once the work of Information Agents has built up so that there is a clear picture of the Changemaker's work, then the project can be considered for registration as a DadaMac Changemaker. Supporters of DadaMac Changemakers can apply to set up funding and other appeals for support to directly support the work of the Changemaker with donations through this site.

If you consider yourself a Changemaker - if you have a project that you will work on yourself that challenges some form of disadvantage - then please, send us information about your project, your ambitions, who the project will serve, how it will help, what your needs are - and we will be able to put up your page (please, be aware that we are a very small organisation - things may take a little while).

Join the DadaMac Network as a Changemaker HERE.