This text comes directly from John's side of a Telegram conversation with Pamela

About the photos John says;

I was attending village hall meeting in Tafan, one of the communities burnt down by marauding herdsmen this year. The small grant from Friends of Nigeria and NEXUS will enable us support reconstruction of five homes in Tafan


JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 08:53]

Ah, Pam, I must share this with you.  ...

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:03]

Friends of Nigeria approved a grant for us to support 3 families whose homes were destroyed during the recent crisis

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:04]

We have identified the families we will work with and this week we started bricks moulding with the families

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:05]

But we told the families that in addition to their contribution of free labour they should look at also contributing building materials

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:06]

They all pledged to provide the planks for the roofing

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:07]

This has made it possible for us to extend the resources we have to provide for five families instead of three

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:12]

We have used this FON grant to make a proposal to extend the work to more communities, to another funding organisation called Nexus Fund for Atrocity Prevention. Yesterday they approved a grant for us to support additional 5 families. We are using the strategy of getting the families to make whatever contribution they can, so that we can extend the resources to more families

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:14]

So today, I have placed an order for a new brick making machine from Solomon in Bukuru.

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:14]

He will also refurbish our older machines while we take delivery of a brand new machine.

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:16]

It is important for men in the affected families to be fully engaged in the brick making because in addition to giving them a strong beautiful home, they will be learning new masonry skills which can come handy for them.

JohnDada2017, [12.10.17 09:18]

So that is the story of our activities this week. The government had made pledges to help with reconstruction of people's homes, but no word yet. We are telling the people that there is no point waiting for Government because we, the people, are the Government and can take care of ourselves.