John successfully completed the Computer Based Testing Centre early in 2016. He reached the 150 Thin Clients needed and despite some set backs due to poor quality cabling from China the centre successfully greeted it's first students in February. In the space of 10 days, three settings per day over, 3,550 students took their online exams.

Above shows the orderly line of students queing to take their exams. What an amazing achievement for one man and his organisation. What a true changemaker John Dada is. Without DadaMac telling and recording this story and our peer-to peer support who'd know about this outside this remote rural Nigerian community?

If only those organisations with funds could engage with us for a fraction of the money they currently spend on Aid to English speaking Sub-Saharan Africa, together we could deliver real and lasting grassroot changes.

NO official Funding was given to this project and DadaMac itself has a core of two unpaid volunteers....we have the knowledge and grassroot contacts now we just need funds and capacity building to grow so DadaMac can replicate our tried and tested alternative model of International Development.

The photo below shows the first students at their Thin Clients taking their exams.