DadaMac is a digital platform for connecting people interested in reading about (and helping to tell) ongoing stories about real projects - projects that are examples of a 21st Century approach to International Development.

DadaMac has years of experience in sharing information across various cultural and geographical divides, using ever more powerful and widely available digital tools.

This has shown that using technology to support human conversations that connect different perspectives, always in the context of equal respect and shared intent, empowers people to make transformative change happen.

DadaMac is developing this site as a platform to encourage, enable and actively support such conversations, knowing that many of them will flower into cross-cultural collaborations  - which in turn will have the power to strengthen ambitions and efforts to tackle disadvantage and disconnection, to foster development and flourishing.

It is fascinating and inspiring to see what happens when we engage with each other's stories using the power of technology. As the DadaMac platform develops, and more stories become visible, it's bound to be amazing.

We'd love you to get involved...

 .. joining the network ...  We're exploring ways to keep people in touch with new stories and initiatives here. At the moment, we're not sure how this will work, but connection to the DadaMac Network will be the first step. This is a zero commitment option - all you're doing is letting us have some contact details. We'll never abuse your trust or send you too much stuff.

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.. sharing your story ...  We know from experience how hard it is to make things happen - to get something off the ground. You have a big vision, but you are only able to take small steps - each one as it comes. It can feel very lonely - but you are not the only one. Sharing your story, from where you are now, makes you part of the DadaMac network - visible to all, and connected with a community which cares about development challenges.

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.. by volunteering ...  The DadaMac network has been growing for 15 years, and is both wide and deep, with many as yet untold stories. The idea for the platform approach, however, is much more recent, and we need help in all sorts of ways to develop it. DadaMac will make it possible for people to contribute in ways that suit their interest and situation. You can help with short-term, one-off tasks, develop communication skills, help to build the platform itself, chip-in to cover basic costs - read on!

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