Elfneh and I (Pamela McLean) spoke on the phone a week or so ago, just before he left for Ethiopia, where he's spending his Christmas break on a working holiday with two different universities.

I was thinking of him just now, and then thought others might like to know what he's doing. I wasn't planning to blog on his behalf and I didn't make notes during our conversation, so please forgive the scant details.

Elfneh is spending about one week at Bule Hora University (the newest university in Ethiopia - where the photo above was taken) and one week at another university which has been much longer established.

Elfneh is an Ethiopian who now lives and works in the UK, but devotes much of his time and other resources to a charity called AHEAD (see website ) and to helping projects back in Ethiopia. For more about Elfneh and Bule Hora see Pastoralists and Education - Research and Reality

I'm not sure exactly what Elfneh's doing with the universities staff members  and students over Christmas. I know that Bule Hora is such a new university that is simply has undergraduate programmes at present, whereas the established university has post-graduate programmes as well. Elfneh and I were talking more about our shared interest in community radio and what information he'll be getting about that while he's in Ethiopia, and the recordings he's hoping to make.

I'll get more details when he gets back. Changemakers like Elfneh need help in sharing their ongoing stories (but I'm really not the person to do that reporting).  Ideally we'd have a trained volunteer "information agent" joining in our conversation when Elfneh gets back, taking notes, and writing a full blog, as Nikki Fishman used to do for John Dada (see Building on the Work of Nikki Fishman).

DadaMac is hoping for additional volunteers in the New Year. It is a lovely way to enrich your own life by getting to know some wonderful people. You help them simply by hearing about their work and their countries, so that you can tell others.

By the time Nikki had been blogging about John's work in Nigeria for a few years she had learned to much about the realities that Nigerians in London found if hard to believe that she had never set foot in their country. My own life has been enormously enriched and filled with interest since my unplanned connections with the work of John, Elfneh and others.

If you're interested in joining us please see Get Involved https://www.dadamac.net/Pages/FAQs/Category/get-involved and fill in the volunteer's form to find out more