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Wider discussion of issues around development as something being done by people on the ground - who are directly engaged with the issues and the disadvantage that they address.

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Chief Gbade Adejumo

Chief Gbade Adejumo is a Nigerian DadaMac Changemaker and we would like to share with you his MA thesis on the important issue of the Farmers and Pastoralist Conflict.

Gbade is an inspirational self-directed learner and has valuable grassroots experience and insights to add to this important debate.

Here is the link to his thesis https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KiZ9aPG7Ee46iIACIaQdK4qgQwKiLpsdRrr3...


John Dada

John Dada is DadaMac's inspirartioal Nigerian Changemaker.

Julliet Makhapila

Julliet Makhapila is a UK - Kenyan Dadamac Changemaker.

Simon Olagai

Simon Olagai, an Ugandan Changemaker, who has also worked in Nigeria and is currently based in Sierra Leone connected with Nikki Fishman  DadaMac Co-Founder via LinkedIn.

Simon was invited to join DadaMac's  weekly UK-Nigeria typed, Skyped meetings. More recently Simon has recemtly posted in the First Thursday Group.

Joyce Elemson

Joyce Elemson is a Nigerian UK-Based DadaMac Changemaker.