A DadaMac Information Agent is someone who works to collect, communicate, share and support Changemakers in general. 

While Communication Agents work with a specific Changemaker - getting to know about all the work they do and telling their stories on a regular basis, Information Agents have a focus on one (or more) topic areas, and put this specialist interest to work in supporting any Changemaker who is working with that topic.

You don't need to be an expert! A real interest in the topic area, coupled with a willingness to learn and a commitment to careful listening is enough.

  • Careful listening to the specific needs of the Changemaker is key - DadaMac is based in the confidence that locally engaged Changemakers, acting at grass-roots level, are the best people to judge what is appropriate in their context. This often means that things are done in a different way in different situations - and very often not in the way that may seem 'normal' to you.
  • A willingness to learn is important - the diversity of approaches to even straightforward situations around the world is enormous, and there is always more to learn - both from how specific projects adapt standard practice to local conditions, and from innovative approaches - which can come as much from the grass-roots as from cutting-edge research.

The range of potential topics is as wide as your imagination - whatever you are interested in, there is a Changemaker somewhere who is working with it! Of course, there are some areas of greater and wider need. People with nuts-and-bolts IT skills, medical expertise, alternative energy expertise, educational techniques, micro-finance experience - all are highly valued.

Please, if you are interested in the idea of becoming an Information Agent - contact DadaMac!