DadaMac doesn't make Changemakers, or decide who is or is not a Changemaker - that's up to you.

But the full resources of this site and the DadaMac network are dedicated to Changemakers who are effective and committed to producing positive change within their community.

If this is something you aspire to, we'd love to hear from you, and to start supporting you with your own Changemaker page on this site.

You can send your information using this form, or by email. We'll look at it as soon as we can, and get back to you if we need any further information. When we're happy we understand you and your work well enough, we'll make a DadaMac page for you / your project.

Please carefully read the information below - we need certain information from you to be able to make your page. Things go faster if we can receive this information in an organised fashion.

What we will need

  • Your Name
  • Contact details - at least one of these, more is better!
    • email address - for you and / or your project
    • skype contact - for you and / or your project
    • facebook name - for you and / or your project
    • twitter contact - for you and / or your project
    • linked-in contact - for you and / or your project
    • mobile phone number - for you and / or your project
    • website - for you and / or your project 
  • A postal address - for you and / or your project
  • Some background information about you - where you come from, your life experience, your motivation to do this work.
  • Details about the work you are doing - not long descriptions, but headlines, about as many of the following as makes sense:
    • What sort of work it is - what you are doing
    • You / your project's aims
    • Where your project is based - country, region, town or community
    • How you are working
    • When you / the project started
    • You / your project's current situation
    • You / your project's current target
    • You / your project's current needs
  • A Photograph of you
  • A Photograph that gives an idea about your project