Become a communication agent

All you need to be able to do this is access to the web and a computer and a willingness to 'learn by doing'. Our Changemakers need you to help them to tell their stories. You can do this by re-tweeting information, re-writing information and summarising blogs. You can interview them via email and skype and and share on the website their answers. You can post photos and re-tweet them and write about the changemakers work on our Facebook page.Read more

Become an information agent

A DadaMac Information Agent is someone who works to collect, communicate, share and support Changemakers in general. While Communication Agents work with a specific Changemaker - getting to know about all the work they do and telling their stories on a regular basis, Information Agents have a focus on one (or more) topic areas, and put this specialist interest to work in supporting any Changemaker who is working with that topic. You don't need to be an expert!Read more