Elfneh Bariso

Elfneh Bariso and AHEAD work in Ethiopia, focusing on accessible education, health and income generation opportunities for deprived communitiesRead more

John Dada

John Dada is the original DadaMac Changemaker - the Dada in DadaMac. John set up and works at Fantsuam Foundation in Kaduna State. John, Nikki and Pam worked out the basic ideas of the DadaMac Network from 2008 onwards.Read more

DadaMac supports Changemakers

DadaMac exists to empower Changemakers challenging disadvantage - we aren't a funding organisation, but through experience, we have found that connecting people doing development work at the grass-roots with supporters in other countries can provide empowering support and credibility. We provide a platform for Changemaker's stories to be told, and offer a number of tools for wider engagement.Read more

Fundraising Ideas

DadaMac volunteers are encouraged to organise fundraising events to support specific projects or ChangeMakers. Please contact DadaMac with your idea and we'll do what we can to support you. Please remember that the hub of DadaMac is intentionally a very small group - our resources are tightly limited, but rest assured, we'll do what we can.Read more

Changemakers of the World!

Upload a photo of yourself using the Comment button! Write a sign telling us where you are and what change you are passionate about. Scroll through to see your fellow Changemakers from around the world!Read more

Organisational Structure

DadaMac is designed from the outset as a lightweight, minimal hierarchy organisation, with the intention to always remain focused on the network of Changemakers and their supporters, rather than on DadaMac itself.Read more

Fantsuam - DadaMac Impact 2015

In June 2015 DadaMac Co-Founder, Nikki Fishman asked Nigerian Changemaker John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation: What impact DadaMac has had for his rural community?Read more

Open badges

Read more

DadaMac Core Volunteers

DadaMac has a fantastic new platform in this website, but urgently needs to increase its human capacity at the core, so that we can make the best use of it. DadaMac exists as a platform for Changemakers and their supporters, but to maintain and grow that platform we need help at the centre, too!Read more

Become a communication agent

All you need to be able to do this is access to the web and a computer and a willingness to 'learn by doing'. Our Changemakers need you to help them to tell their stories. You can do this by re-tweeting information, re-writing information and summarising blogs. You can interview them via email and skype and and share on the website their answers. You can post photos and re-tweet them and write about the changemakers work on our Facebook page.Read more