DadaMac will make it possible for people to contribute in ways that suit their interest and situation - and and that feel rewarding.

The simplest thing - is to spread the word on social media; from retweeting to sharing DadaMac stories, to writing your own - anything that increases the visibility of what's happening here. You can help in this valuable way without filling in a form.

We’d love it, though, if you would let us know that you’re supportive of DadaMac. For a simple sign-up to the DadaMac network, click here.

If you’d like to learn about other opportunities to be active in the DadaMac network, read on.

In addition to sharing the stories, DadaMac networkers can help in a variety of ways:

- helping tell the stories of projects

- working to support and develop the platform itself

- covering basic costs

- developing communications skills and opportunities throughout the network.

You know your skills and interests best, and we’d love you to tell us about them. Once we start working together, new opportunities will emerge. The development of DadaMac is shaped by the energy and interests of the people who contribute to it.

To access the DadaMac network volunteering form, click here.