Julliet was born in Kenya. She lives in the United Kingdom and loves both countries dearly.

Julliet's mission statement is 'Transforming lives'.

She is the Founder of many Diaspora forums, including UK Africa/Nigeria/Kenya, Ghana/Ethiopia/Congo/Sierra Leone /Congo/Uganda/Tanzania/Rwanda / Zambia/Zimbabwe and UK Diaspora Forum and Diversity in Kenya Communities.

Her humble inspiration draws people into personal development and her greatest desire in this world is enjoying the planet with love and happiness and bringing a beautiful touch on making this world a better place. She enjoys helping to improve livelihood of others and also supporting with greater compassion enabling growth of one another. She enjoys providing community development and leadership skills combined with mentorship and bringing inclusion of understanding of embracing differences.

She sees herself has a Community Innovator and transformer. She leads in training sessions and empowers and mentors others to take good leadership and help build a better, sustainable world. As an International philanthropist she is particularly focused on:

  • Welfare, peace
  • Environment
  • Safeguarding children
  • Health and well being
  • Education of young people/children especially girls and adult
  • Disability
  • Sports
  • Mentoring
  • Microfinancing
  • Policy, governance and structure
  • Politics and Civics education
  • Agriculture
  • Humanitarian
  • Preservation and cultural heritages and buildings
  • International development
  • Human rights
  • Volunteering, local and International

She is a graduate of Applied Social Sciences joint degree in Health Studies and Social Policy. She is also a qualified trainer, advocate, Social scientist, specialist for people with disabilities and a manager.