As DadaMac focuses on becoming a platform that can empower and support more Changemakers, we are looking to build partnerships that address this scale of our work.

Many Changemakers address variants of some key challenges - health, education, care of elders and orphans, agriculture and pastoralism. although each Changemaker's situation and approach is unique, it is possible to identify some generally applicable needs. If your organisation works in these areas and is interested in pursuing a genuinely flexible, locally sensitive approach to supporting Changemakers, then we would be delighted to explore partnership options with you.

Some examples of ideas we would like to pursue in future, but do not currently have the capacity to promote as DadaMac are;

  • A key enabler for the DadaMac approach is a minimum level of digital communications - this is the technique which allows supporters to be in regular contact with Changemakers, to understand their work in detail and so tell their stores to the world. In many areas of the world this is still a significant challenge. We are very interested in working with organisations that have technical know-how and capacity around providing small-scale digital communications in disadvantaged areas.
  • DadaMac has a strong intention to create a knowledgeable that can empower and support Changemakers. We know from experience that neither the encyclopaedic approach of Wikipedia nor any attempt to get experts to produce guidance are appropriate for the work of grass-roots Changemakers. DadaMac is keen to work with information-architects to develop better ways of linking diverse information sources (Changemakers and their supporters, expert blogs and the like) to produce searchable, navigable and coherent knowledge base that does not require enormous human oversight. If your organisation has an interest in developing innovative approaches in this area, please get in touch.

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