DadaMac exists to promote peer-to-peer support for Changemakers. To enable and empower human solidarity between people - as directly as possible, without the need for big organisations in the middle.

Anyone interested by a blog post about a Changemaker can support them in a variety of ways - from the simplest - sharing their story on social media - or something more; a one-off or recurring donation, a gift in kind in response to an appeal, or by joining the group of DadaMac volunteers who regularly engage with the Changemaker.

These direct conections can be so much more effective than traditional donations through large charities. DadaMac Changemakers are working at the grass-roots, in their own communities, sensitive to local needs and cultural preferences, aware of the complexities of local conditions. Donations through DadaMac have only a tiny handling charge deducted before being transferred direct to the Changemaker organisation.

Even the simplest direct support can have a deep and powerful impact. Changemakers striving to improve conditions for people in disadvantaged and undeveloped areas are often too busy with the task at hand to be able to document their own work - even a simple social media share of a single blog post can improve their status and reputation with funding bodies, politicians and sponsors.

Why not meet some Changemakers right now - and make a peer-to-peer connection!