DadaMac exists to empower, enable and support Changemakers who work effectively and consistently in all sorts of ways to improve the life-chances of their community.

DadaMac is, and always will be, a small organisation whose purpose is to serve Changemakers by acting as a platform through which they can connect with supporters of all kinds across the world. DadaMac  isn't an Aid Agency, or a Funding organisation - it doesn't control funds, or engage directly with development work.

DadaMac is founded in the belief that the best 'development workers' are people who are deeply connected with the communities they engage with, people who understand specific local needs and concerns, and who can work in highly effective ways because of this.

So, rather than raisng money in the rich world, and choosing who 'deserves' to get it, DadaMac works to make the work of anyone who is a changemaker visible, to connect them with supporters across the world. Effective Changemakers will attract dedicated supporters who will help tell their story, and grow their circle of supporters.