Self-help Housebuilding - News is Spreading

A previous post from a Dadamac UK-Nigeria meeting referred to the self-help housing at Tafan in North Central Nigeria. Now visitors are coming to learn more.Read more

Self-help Housebuilding Maximises Use of Resources

People's homes were destroyed in a crisis, but, with a little outside support self-help housebuilding is tackling the problemRead more

Introducing the Fantsuam Foundation Social Media Team

The first UK-Nigeria meeting for the recently formed Fantsuam Foundation Social Media team happened today.Read more

Queing to take exams in rural Nigeria

One man's inspirational response to the Nigerian Government saying all students need to attend a registered Computer Based Testing Centre (you need 150 computers to be such a centre!) inorder to sit their John Dada built his own centre in Kafanchan! The young people in his rural community already had many obstacled to obtain an education and now travelling to the nearest town to sit their exams become another.Read more

Qualifying for Uni in rural Nigeria

"There are over 40,000 students who will be applying to sit the university qualifying exams from Kafanchan area alone. Fantsuam and the only other Computer Testing Centre did not have the capacity to host such numbers of students" This is what DadaMac Changemaker John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation said at the end of 2015. So, having identified this need he then went on to solve this challenge and built and registered his own CBT centre.Read more

Pastoralists Also Need Peace

Contrary to the stereotype of herdsmen being aggressors and brigands, they are actually in desperate search for peaceful coexistence, as John Dada explains in this submission to Ideo.Read more

Connecting the Unconnected

John Dada sent DadaMac his report of the First Africa Community Networks Summit. This game-changing event was held in Nairobi 22-23rd November 2016.Read more

Developing Policy for Older People in Nigeria

DadaMac Changemaker John Dada, has spent over ten years, whilst at Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria, championing the rights of older people. As well as providing desperately needed practical support he also gives them a voice in the community.Read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

This information came from a variety of methods namely our DadaMac weekly UK-Nigeria Skype meeting, WhatsApp and email.Read more