Peter Adetunji Oyawale

Peter, as far as DadaMac's development is concerned, was the original Changemaker. It was his initiative in Nigeria which drew in our Founder, Pamela McLean, his insight that ICT could make new things possible in disadvantaged areas, and his tragic death that prompted her first visit to Nigeria and her determination that his efforts should not go to waste. Here is her appreciation of Peter.Read more

It's time to end this development disconnect

A clear exploration of the problems in development as it is currently practiced, from DadaMac's Founder, Pamela McLeanRead more

DadaMac Day 2013

Dadamac Day is an annual celebration of the Dadamac Community, held in November.Read more

Fantsuam Foundation's UN Sickle cell Day

This is Cicely's (VSO volunteer at FF) edited account of the UN Sickle Cell Awareness event which Fantsuam Foundation was instrumental in organising. "Sickle Cell Anaemia – these are words which most Britons will recognise. In fact I’m sure they would be recognised by most societies that have large population of West Africans. Except perhaps in Kafanchan, or indeed much of rural Nigeria.Read more

A typical day in Dadamac

In early 2010, Pam described a typical day of her DadaMac activityRead more

Dadamac Day 2009 Online Programme

Arrangements made for the online version of DadaMac Day 2009Read more

Getting started for Dadamac Day 2009

Start here to find the information you need about Dadamac Day on Saturday November 7th 2009.Read more

Planning Dadamac Day 2009

Arrangements for DadaMac Day 2009Read more

Ecodome at Attachab

An example of Technology Transfer as an eco-builder from the UK builds an eco-dome with local materials in Attachab, Nigeria.Read more