Connecting the Unconnected

John Dada sent DadaMac his report of the First Africa Community Networks Summit. This game-changing event was held in Nairobi 22-23rd November 2016.Read more

Developing Policy for Older People in Nigeria

DadaMac Changemaker John Dada, has spent over ten years, whilst at Fantsuam Foundation in Nigeria, championing the rights of older people. As well as providing desperately needed practical support he also gives them a voice in the community.Read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

This information came from a variety of methods namely our DadaMac weekly UK-Nigeria Skype meeting, WhatsApp and email.Read more

Nigeria Diaspora in the UK

Experienced DadaMac Changemaker, John Dada helping 'newbie' DadaMac Changemaker, Joyce Elemson.Read more

Julliet Makhapila & Al Jazeera

Julliet Makhapila is an UK- Kenyan Dadamac Changemaker who works tirelessly for the causes she believes in. One of the challenges Julliet and Dadamac are working on together is how to make her 50+ projects visible.Read more

Joyce Elemson & UKAPES

As Co-Founder of DadaMac Nikki Fishman was delighted to attend the first seminar held by UKAPES. DadaMac recognises Joyce Elemson as a DadaMac Changemaker and are keen to promote and support her work. Nikki first met Joyce in January 2015 when Joyce attended and was introduced to John Dada, an original DadaMac Changemaker. The result was Joyce and John working together to deliver a Continuing Professional Developmental programme for teachers in rural Nigeria.Read more

DadaMac Day 2013

Dadamac Day is an annual celebration of the Dadamac Community, held in November.Read more

Getting started for Dadamac Day 2009

Start here to find the information you need about Dadamac Day on Saturday November 7th 2009.Read more

Planning Dadamac Day 2009

Arrangements for DadaMac Day 2009Read more