DadaMac is working to build a new place on the internet for everyone interested in a grass-roots approach to development as a powerful way to challenge disadvantage.

We aim to link people as directly as possible, without the need for big organisations to stand between us.

DadaMac has imagined a network that empowers grass-roots development work by enabling and empowering everyone who wants to get involved, and by offering the chance to make connections.

This website is the start: our vision is founded in years of learning and experience, but we're a tiny organisation.  We believe that this approach can foster amazing change in communities across the world. We can't make the change happen ourselves - and we don't want to - because the most effective, the most sustainable, and the most empowering change comes from within communities, not from outside. 

We want to foster a network that will support communities, by empowering the amazing people that commit themselves to challenging disadvantage - people we call Changemakers - by helping them connect as directly as possible with the support they need - the millions worldwide who are keen to be part of the work of enabling people to make their own development happen.

Fostering human solidarity

This website is our current best shot at building a platform for such a network - but it is just a platform - bare boards - without you. Please read on for more detail, and follow the links to connect with the DadaMac Network and tell everyone here what your hopes for community development are. There's no commitment, no expectations - we're just eager to connect people, confident in the expectation that this is how good things start.

What DadaMac has learnt through its previous work supporting some amazing Changemakers, is that connections to the world, using modern technology, can be highly valuable. At the same time, we have seen how powerful the experience can be of engaging with Changemaker's stories, with the directness of the work that they do.

This site is set up to connect Changemakers and supporters across the world.

Changemakers - you can have your own page on this website - with stories about your work, your ambitions, needs, the hurdles that stand in your way. As DadaMac grows, we aim to recruit volunteers to help tell your story - to become your Communication Agents. Click HERE to join.

Supporters  - you can engage in many ways - from re-posting on social media, to making stronger links with a particular Changemaker - perhaps forming part of a Communication group that helps tell their story - or by making small donations. Click HERE to join.

Volunteers - as a small charity, with no paid staff, DadaMac relies on volunteers of all kinds. Even a small time commitment can be of immense value, and work can be done online after training. Click HERE to learn more.