All I knew when I considered becoming a volunteer was that there was a vision to change the way International Development is being done.

So, what exactly does that mean?

It means to build a platform enabling a direct exchange of information and resources between projects and supporters. The idea is to take existing one step further from the current focus on networking and story-telling through technology. Read it all here.

What are the next steps, I then wondered, how can I help?

The plan is to found a social enterprise tasked with building and running this platform. Just last month, a value proposition and a business canvas were prepared. These documents are vital for the founders to agree to before they run a start-up, and they are also necessary to present to potential investors. Consequently, they need to be reviewed and revised, and complemented by a business plan. It needs to be clear, what the new platform will provide and what not. How success will be defined. At what point the feasibility of the plan will be assessed. Suitable projects will be identified to test and showcase the idea behind it all (aka prototyping).

So far, Dil and I managed to meet twice despite our other engagements and side hustles. In the end, there were two answers to the question how I can create value: Apart from kicking off the volunteers’ blog, it’s to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and help shape the concept and come to a stage where we can validate it – exactly what I like doing!

All the steps to be taken may seem obvious, and many of you out there will have some background on how to plan and run a business. What is different and fascinating for me, is applying what I know to a situation requiring very new ways of working.

Imagine running the starting up of a business with a team comprising of a visionary and a believer, and …volunteers. There is no fixed organisational structure, no strict planning, no business deadline, no recipe. There is, though, commitment to the vision, a strong knowledge-base, a network of changemakers and supporters built over 15 years, solid understanding of technology. It requires a great deal of trust, individual ownership and effective communication – and time to engage with potential volunteers and to agree how we can contribute.

So, as you are reading this, you are obviously a curious person and interested to learn about International Development. Do you have a bit of time to spare? Have a look around this site, register as a volunteer, contact us, and be part of the adventure.