One of the reasons DadaMac is needed is to help changemakers in Africa to become more visible as group, so that their projects are easier to find.

This is a project that Ken Chelimo brought to my attention. Please see the SNABIRC-KENYA website

SNABIRC-KENYA is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to reduce the number of deaths and disabilities due to snakebites and snake attacks.

It is an interesting site for many reasons, for instance, I was struck by the connection to climate change. The site says (my italics):

Experts warn that these rising cases could be as a result of the warming climate which has enabled snakes to move to previously cooler habitats, clearing of forests and the worsening droughts that force the reptiles to go into people’s houses to look for water More at SNABIRC-KENYA website 

This is an initiative that Ken Chelimo brought to my attention a few days ago. He wrote:

Dear Pam,

I hope you are fine.

I am writing to introduce to you the above organization which needs support from donors and partners to enable it achieve its objective.

Kindly visit their website and advise on how we can assist them get donors and partners to meet their noble objective.

Thank you

Ken Chelimo
Nairobi, Kenya

For now I can simply say that this organisation is new to me, and seems worthy of attention. Ken is a familiar name. I know Ken is also well known to others who I know in Kenya, and I remember his name well. We first "met" around ten years ago, as he reminded me in a previous email saying "I hope you still remember me when we were in Pyramid of Peace (POP) , under the coordination of Andrius in 2007/08 to bring peace in my country Kenya."

When the DadaMac site is further developed (and we have attracted more volunteers to help us) we will have more sophisticated ways of sharing information about initiatives and enabling people involved to share their ongoing stories to attract support.