John Dada's tweets are a rich source of information about the work of Fantsuam Foundation in North Central Nigeria. In addition to the tweets that he writes, there are his retweets, and his choice is informative. The retweets provide context for his work - activities of local politicians, poorly trained teachers, unpaid salaries, health services, road repairs, Boko Haram...

I'm looking at ways of creating blog posts about Fantsuam Foundation using John's tweets as the source, and I need help to do it. The first challenge was to get some kind of overview. I persuaded a friend to help me. We decided to collect the tweets up on a spreadsheet. It has been a fascinating exercise, giving new insights about what is going on locally.

The spreadsheet is still taking shape, so it can seem a bit bewildering at first sight, but even at this early stage it is a rich resource. The spreadsheet gives an overview of topics covered, plus links to the original tweets (or series of tweets). I'm dipping in and finding it fascinating.

If you're interested in volunteering with Dadamac the you might like to start with a look at the spreadsheet. We'll need someone to keep it updated. Then there are all kinds of possibilities for filling in more of the columns, or digging deeper into some of the threads and finding ways to share what you discover. 

The original idea was that we'd be able to see from the spreadsheet when John returned to specific topics. Then we could pull those tweets together for a blog post, a bit like Nikki used to do with the chat archives. See Building on the Work of Nikki Fishman

Now that we're beginning to see what the spreadsheet reveals there are many ways we could take this forward. It will depend on the interests of who-ever volunteers to help - you perhaps.

By the time you read this we may have a form ready for volunteers to complete. Until then simply email us using the general purpose contact form

The future shape of Dadamac depends on the interests and energy of its volunteers. Contact us and make a difference.