The cycle of pastoralist and farmers violence in the Sahel, and in Nigeria in particular, has defied solution due to lack of coherent and holistic approach to this issue  which demands equitable resource management. The stereotype of pastoralists as mindless, brutal and selfish herdsmen intent on feeding their cattle with no consideration for other land users masks a more complicated reality.

Community Ranching is a bottom-up approach to modern cattle production that recognizes access to adequate land and water, as drivers of conflict. This approach requires the engagement of traditional, religious and community leaders, elders and influencers in inclusive, representative and reflective dialogue. This approach stops the continuing disruption of rural agrarian and pastoral economies across the sahel, especially Nigeria's middle belt, promote inclusive dialogue and enhance the dispute resolution processes. This is based on the premise that both the pastoralists and the farmers cannot achieve any meaningful developmental goals without peace.  

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