Each month some of us in the DadaMac network share news with each other through the "First Thursday" group. With permission from Olagai Simon I'm sharing his description of Christmas 2017:

Hi Every one, Happy New Year.

I spent X-mas and New Year in my village after 7 years of being a way from home.

It was the best moment ever, because in our village Christmas is celebrated communally, a group of 4-5 households come together, contribute a bull/cow and slaughter (it's usually Bull or Cow as goat or sheep are a sign of being mean).

The Christmas eve starts around 22nd December up to 3rd January of the following year. Throughout this period eating is done on rotation basis. The first group hosts all the members, usually eating, drinking starts as early as 9 in the morning through to the night, members can retire at leisure.

The following day another group takes over to host members. The partying goes on daily till 3rd Jan.

What a happy moment to chat with everyone, reconcile differences and plan for new year (Usually farming). December -January is dry season, the sun is hot and the best place to sit is under the tree/shade.

I have resumed work and that was the best R&R, I have ever enjoyed. This is how I spent my X-mas and New Year.