Written by John Dada, CEO of Fantsuam Foundation, Oct 07th 2015. 

One of DadaMac’s unique services is bringing skilled UK-based Nigerians together so that they can address issues of developments in Nigeria. Sometimes these individuals have been working in silos, unaware of other patriots who share their passion and vision. This is the case of two Nigerians with whom DadaMac has been working, separately, over the years. Both of them, Cass and Joyce are based in London, and they make regular trips to support educational development in Nigeria.

This month, Cass initiated a meeting that brought him and Joyce together, and this meeting of minds is already bearing results as each of them brings to the table their skills and resources. Cass is keen to assist Joyce in packaging her program of providing Continuing Professional Development to teachers in Nigeria, but he warns her, “I am concerned that you may not be able to meet the demand once you get going”. His view is based on his years of supporting educational development through charitable and commercial activities in Nigeria. So Joyce is now working to do a realistic assessment of what it takes for her to develop and deliver the various CPD modules. Cass has also given her some marketing tips as well as emphasized the urgent need for her to train a core team of trainers who are based in Nigeria so that she concentrates on ensuring quality delivery and impact assessment of the program. This meeting of minds, catalyzed by DadaMac, seems set to go places. We shall watch this space…….

The collaboration between Cass, Joyce, DadaMac-UK and Fantsuam Foundation is building on the foundation laid by DadaMac Co-Founder Pamela McLean in her Teachers Talking classes in 2004 in Kafanchan. Fantsuam Foundation has assured Cass and Joyce of on-the-ground support for them to continue their admirable work in Nigeria