It now has been one month since I got myself involved in And I am wondering – how did that ever happen?

It all started with my break from corporate life (aka a proper job) last year. The direction was to, at least for some time, explore life in a different way – get creative, meet new people, find out what else is out there to invest my time and my skills in.

It was through an organisation supporting seekers like me, that I started to consider other ways of working and living. Our mentors encouraged us to look at everything new as a prototype and learning experience on our way to just the next closest destination, allowing the future to unfold step by step. A perfect environment to experiment and live life as a series of small projects!

My high-level milestone plan for 2018 ambitiously showed a commitment to complete three projects by the end of February. A week before my year-end holiday, I was still one engagement short.

Then, during one of their events, I met Pam.

I had never thought of actively engaging in social change. And here was somebody with a vision, just like me interested in systems, organisational change and technology, looking for allies eager to learn and to help bring the vision to life. Could this be my third project?

After a few chats, we agreed that I’m in. And while we are figuring out what the next steps are, I am making my first contribution as a guest blogger, looking at from a volunteer’s perspective.

Enough about me – it’ll all be from now on – see you soon!