Julliet was invited in May 2016 to poise a question to the former Kenyan president at the Oxford Student Union as part of the Al Jazeera programme: Kenya: Democracy on Trial? Head to Head.

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DadaMac is stricltly non-political and non-partisan so any opinions expressed below are Julliet's own.

Below is Julliet's own account of the event:

"It is not often you get a chance to ask a question to the former prime minister of Kenya hon. Raila Odinga. Thank you Aljazeera head to head programme for the invite.

I enjoy community work development so when l got my call to ask a question l thought for years this is the one question l long to ask if l ever met him and l would ask. Out of the blue the day came and my wishes were fulfilled. For years l wanted to ask him this particular question and l am glad he liked my question. Did l get my answers? I will leave you to decide. What a day! Aggrey Kikaya Kibny'aanko Seroney .

Thank you Kate and all other producers who are behind the scene everyday . I must also say that it is hard to really respond to a former Leader and whilst l came home that night l realised even the more the difficulty of society difficulties in our way of living. What was interesting l thought of UK politics and infact l thought even harder for asking questions depending on who it was. I also realised the freedom in UK may perharps be hard though perharps freedom of speech perharps easier and though this was the case suppression of existence still was in our 21st century. I realised in both worlds different kinds of suppressions and oppression yet both were attributed to greed , want, selfishness and power both in different forms of existence. The fight for survival in both worlds had apparent for me become very clear and it was in that answer! It would have been good for everyone to see the full answer that l got and sadly that seems to be missing in my opinion. This part was crucial to the answer from himself where he actually with all due respect stated he was only a prime minister for 6 years and perharps left out the over 20 years of his MP. Sadly l personally would insist a full capture of this mssing part of his answer and allow a good full angle of this particular answer that l got having travelled all the way from London to Oxford. That bit missing is very important to me and l would wish Aljazeera puts it out.

ln essence Judy Kirui Ngina Hisaha Kellen Thumbi Rodney Simmons Oganga Kiyoh Nganga Jimmih Nix George Kungu Ken Mwangi Hon Chemwan Butya Jackie Bwire Hon Khalifa Abdi Hon Speaker Ndegwa Wahome and others l would have loved u all to watch the full answer l got!! I remember it so well and l can say and only ask for Aljazeera to share my full bit of answer!As a leader l now take this opportunity to educate all leaders Stan Luchebeleli Shiro Maish Martin Burt Lydia Tett Olet Grace Alexander Taiwo Akinola Kidali Kimbio of the world the need to ensure your constituency are good and left better than u found them.

The answer l got that day sadly if whole clip is shown missed out clearly shows denial of responsibility and defending a position that he was only prime minister for 6years and focussing on that yet saying his other 20 years did not necessitate and his focus was on prime minister! Paul Odera do u remember that part of the answer! I got ?? As we spoke the next day? And we were amazed at the answer? I sadly l am disappointed for not viewing my full answer that l got!! Others needed to watch too! To really see his own answer on Kibera and Nikki Fishman in London we would ask for a full copy!"