Joyce's UK event was for educators who are passionate about developing quality education in Africa.

You can read the summary of the event written by UKAPES below.

You can watch the YouTube summary of the event by clicking on this link UKAPES

"We were pleased to host more than 30 participants at UKAPES 2016, a seminar for UK based professional educators with strong interests at establishing quality systems in Africa. With distinguished guests and experts within the London Southeast area, the day started with an introduction by an accomplished international multimedia journalist of over 20 years’ experience, Bilkisu Labaran and a keynote address by Isatu Bangura, co-founder, UKAPES.

The objective of the event is to initiate and collate the skills and expertise of experienced education practitioners of African origin in the UK for transfer to the continent to effect good quality education systems. The sessions had a broad and ambitious aim of improving education standards through the establishment of quality parameters to upskill teaching methodology and learning.   Included in the programme were  break-out sessions on enhancing learning quality, awareness of learning disabilities and strengthening collaboration among experienced education practitioners in the African diasporean community. Feedback sessions, moderated by Bilkisu Labaran were delivered by experts who consolidated all key aspects of the discussion. The afternoon session showcased presentations of education scenarios of key African countries: Ethiopia by Elfneh Bariso, Ghana by Felix Donkor, Nigeria by Joyce Elemson, Sierra Leone by Isatu Bangura and Kenya by Julliet Makhapila. There were also presentations of astounding examples of skills transfer through ICT systems in the solo efforts of individuals who are passionate about educational development of Africa. These were presented by Pamela Mclean, co founder of DadaMac, an NGO charged with the responsibility of listening to changemakers in Africa and enabling effective use of resources and Joanna Norton of Keywords English. Concluding the event was a submission of individual resolutions to initiate, collate and transfer quality systems to support and strengthen existing infra-structure in Africa’s education system. Lots of opportunities abounded to conceive and corroborate new ideas and network within this sizable consortium of practitioners in London Southeast.   The general feedback expresses a huge gratitude to UKAPES co founders: Joyce Elemson and Isatu Bangura for organising the event which was conceived as a result of the need to improve education standards on the continent and to transfer holistic pedagogy from the UK to Africa.   A general consensus among participants was reached to develop the seminar into an annual/bi-annual event. We, UKAPES co-founders express our gratitude to all participants who attended the event in view of other pressing commitments."