The creation of a Social Media (SM) team is a new initiative at Fantsuam Foundation.

It was inspired by:

  • Fantsuam Foundation's involvement with its local community radio
  • Initiatives happening in the UK
  • Discussions about citizen journalism

Like most Dadamac initiatives it has big vision and starts with small practical steps. 

People and locations involved in the first UK-Nigeria SM team meeting on July 12th 2017 were:

  • The SM team in one of the Fantsuam Foundation offices in Kafanchan
  • John Dada who simply said "I am not in Kafanchan today but I have good internet access, so am good to go"
  • Nina Bumbalkova and I (Pamela "Mac" McLean) at Newspeak House in London

These are some of the photos we exchanged while getting to know each other. 

Victor of the Social Media Group Yakubo of the Social Media Group  


The Social Media Group:

Left to right, top to bottom.  Victor, Yakubu, Bato, Joy and Phoebe, then John Dada, and finally me and Nina.

John and I first connected online over fourteen years ago, and we have worked together on many initiatives since, sometimes face-to-face and sometimes at a distance. This means we have long experience of building collaborations between people who have very different backgrounds (and may well have inaccurate assumptions about each other, and mismatched expectations of how things will move forward). This initial meeting was informal and its main objective was to introduce people to each other, and get some feeling of what might be possible. 

Our starting points were:

  • A small budget for five phones and a data allowance
  • A desire to explore Telegram as a mechanism for collaboration and future co-creation of podcasts and/or other media resources.
  • Nina knew nothing about Nigeria
  • The Social Media team knew nothing about citizen journalism
  • Pamela knew John, Yakubu and Nina
  • Pamela had introduced invited Nina to meet John through John and Pamela's weekly online meetings (typed chats)
  • Nina and Pamela had met through David Bovill and a project called FEAST which has many interwoven threads
  • The Social Media team knew each other and John (and Yakubu knew Pamela)
  • The language used in the group was English
  • Pamela was the only person who didn't speak at least one other language (and was probably the only person with English as her first language)

Most of the conversation at this first meeting was "meeting and greeting", getting to know each other, building our confidence about sharing photos with each other and working out some practicalities of working together.

Towards the end there was a flurry of photos about work that is happening at Fantsuam Foundation - but sharing those here (or elsewhere) is something for another day.