We need additional help to make visible the work of the changemakers, because Nikki Fishman has to take a break from the great blogging work she was previously doing for Dadamac. Maybe you could help.

The previous post Connecting the Unconnected (written by John Dada and posted by Nikki) is an example of the help that is needed. In that instance John emailed a report to Nikki, and she posted it up on the website for him.

This is what you'd need to do to fill that part of Nikki's blogging role (and we'd help you to get started and work alongside you as needed):

  • Learn how to put information up on this site
  • Become the person that John sends his reports to
  • Get to know what reports he writes, so you can send him a reminder to post you a copy at appropriate times
  • Optional - Join in some Dadamac UK-Nigeria meetings to build your connections with people involved and get to understand the background

Contact us if this might be of interest to you. Use the contact form or send a tweet to me @Pamela_McLean.