Saturday November 7th 2009


10:00 GMT, 11:00 Nigerian Time, 13:00 Kenyan time.


The worknets chatroom,  Our thanks to Andrius Kulikauskas for kindly hosting the celebration again as last year.

Pre-celebration chats

The chatroom is always open, so if you want to arrange a pre-celebration chat with someone before things officailly get under way you are welcome to do so.

The start

We will have a short time at the offical start of the chat for informal "meeting and greeting" - just general chatter - as people settle in.

Formal introductions

Then we will get more formal with people introducing themselves. We won't take turns, we can all type together and just see whose comes through when. We'll get everyone typing in whtever bascis information they feel like sharing, how they connect with dadamac day, where they are, their real name, if they are at home, or in the office,  or in a cyber cafe, on their own or with some other dadamac people, using a laptop of a phone, in the city or country, new to the group or old-timers, what time of day it is, if it is hot or cold, miscellaneous local trivia. just things to let people know each other better.

Rubbing minds

After introductions we will "rubminds" on a key question or thought related to our online dadamac community and looking forward to what we hope to do before dadamac day 2010 comes around.

Post celebration informal chats

After about an hour online the formal celebration will draw to halt - but judging from previous years people will keep chatting. We will say goodbye to the main Fantsuam KRC group, as they will have refreshments to go to, but may come back later.  Some people may like to stay in the chat room. Some may break away to skype or yahoo chats with special friends before going offline. Last year the KRC group met Nikki and Pam on skype video, just to wave and smile at each other and put names to faces. It is like the end of any party - but the online equivalent.

Keeping in touch afterwards

Anyone who wants to use this forum to keep in touch afterwards is welcome to do so. You can also choose to be sent an email each time someone adds a comment.