The present shape of Dadamac owes much to the valuable work and ideas of Nikki Fishman, especially the many blog posts that she contributed about John Dada and the work of Fantsuam Foundation (FF).

Nikki had to give up blogging for John when she returned to full-time employment in 2016. We won't be able to replace her, because she had got to know his work at Fantsuam Foundation over many years, but we are looking at ways to build on what she did. This post looks at how Nikki used to create the posts that gave John such valuable evidence of his ongoing work. It touches on what we are doing to find alternative ways to provide similar visibility for John, and FF, and others in the future.

This is what used to happen. Nikki, John and I would meet online for a typed chat for one hour once a week. Sometimes the meetings involved a larger team, but we were the core. The meetings were always done via our keyboards. We never had spoken conversations. There are are good reasons why we prefer text to talking, but I won't go into them now.

The meetings would touch on whatever was happening at the time - a fragment of news about a health project, the grazing reserve for the wandering cattle herders, the children's computer club, support for elderly widows caring for orphaned grandchildren, the toilet block that was being built at the local market, the hundred and one human stories that make up the community work of Fantsuam Foundation (FF).

Nikki would use the archives of our chats as the notes for writing her blogs, gradually piecing together new episode of the ongoing stories from the what's-happening-now fragments that John shared each week.

I'm still meeting John every week, but I'm not available to step into Nikki's shoes, long term, for blogging. 

Fortunately, by the time Nikki stopped blogging, we'd influenced John to start using Twitter - @fantsuam 

Now if John starts to tell me something of particular interest during our weekly meeting I suggest that he writes it to me as a tweet instead. He does it immediately, during our meeting time. We both know that there will be other demands on his time afterwards. The tweets mean those fragments of news are visible and easily available to share. I usually retweet them. I use #dadamac in my retweets to make them easy to find later.

Our next challenge is to make the most of these snippets of news from John, and see how we can collect some of the snippets together into useful blog posts, the way that Nikki used to do with the news fragments from our online meeting. I'm exploring ways to do that, and will need help to do so, please check future blog posts here on for updates. Meanwhile if you are on Twitter and interested in what we are doing please check #dadamac, and please retweet posts that interest you. You will be helping to help make John's work, and the work of Dadamac, more visible.