I just got a message on Telegram from Gbade.

He is in Okeho (in Oyo State, in SW Nigeria). 

He says

"We are celebrating the centenary of the movement of the town from its fine location to the present one."

I used to go to Okeho with Chief (i.e. Gbade)  when we were working together on Oke-Ogun Community Development Agenda 2000 Plus (OOCD2000+), so of course I want to know more.

When he calls the previous location "fine" I'm not sure if the word "fine" is the result of predictive text or his genuine judgement - and we didn't connect for long enough for me to find out.

I'm hoping for some photos. I love seeing people dressed up for Nigerian celebrations, especially the elegant, exquisite head dresses that the women create from single lengths of fabric. Chief (i.e. Gbade) may be too busy to take any photos as he is one of the people to to be given a Centenary merit award.

Anyhow. I was reminded of a post he wrote many years ago about the opening of the Digital Information Centre in Ago-Are so I've asked him to write me a post about this ceremony. If he does I'll share it on Dadamac.net.

Note about names - When I am in Nigeria I always call Gbade "Chief", because that is what other people call him and it would be disrespectful to be more familiar. In the UK he prefers to be called Gbade. Online - where the two cultures meet - I use both.