Offline programmes and places

Dadamac Day is gradually involving more people, from more locations, so it might be interesting  to get an idea of where we are located, and what we do. This description will start with the current plans for Dadamac Day at the Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) in Fantsuam and for my place in the UK.

Regular attenders

The two regular attenders have always been a group at Fantsuam (orignally people from my first Teachers Talking course) and me (at home in the UK). By 2008 we were a more diverse group of Dadamac Learners, including people from my other Face to Face courses, and from related online groups such as LearningFromEachOther, and the "WWP" book club (we were reading the Mohammed Yunus book Creating a World Without Poverty and discussing it through Minciu Sodas). The geographical spread had widened considerably by last year.

Maybe some of the people from other locations will add information to this thread. It would be interesting to know stories from last year as well as plans for this time around.

Social event at Fantsaum

At Fantsuam, Dadamac Day is a social event, with snacks and home made drinks to follow the online session. People start to gather about an hour before it is time to go online. The projector needs to be set up, so everyone can see the big display up on the wall. Groups need to be arranged around the computers so each group includes a confident keyboard user.

Around half an hour before online-time, a mini UK-Nigeria online meeting is scheduled, on skype, just to check how things are going on both sides. We'll keep that communiction channel open while we are in the chat room, in case of any problems and for general organisational chat. We'll also have our Yahoo IDs and mobile phone numbers to hand... just in case. Although things usually work, it's still useful to have a plan B.

Meanwhile in the UK... at BarCampAfrica

The UK side of things is gathering momentum. This year instead of joining in from home, Nikki and I will be at BarCampAfrica in the UK, and the Dadamac Day celebration will be a fringe event.

This is one of those happy accidents. It just so happens that both events have been  arranged for the same day. Initially I thought I might have to choose between them, then  I realised that if I could find a quiet corner at BarCampAfrica, where I could go to attend our online celebration, then I could attend Dadamac Day celebration and BarCampAfrica. I discussed this with organiser Ethel Cofie and the idea emerged of inviting others to join in, and making it a fringe event, which is a great way to celebrate our fifth anniversary.