Who is coming to Dadamac Day

The Dadamac day organisers are (in Nigeria) Alheri and Chollom and (in UK) Nikki and me.

In Nigeria

Alheria and Chollom will gather their guests around the computers at the Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC). They are inviting some local teachers and trainers who have been TT participants, and maybe some other members of the UK-Nigeria team. Perhaps around a dozen people will be there.

Orignally they hoped to also invite teachers who had never seen a computer before. However inviting newcomers would put the whole thing on a completely different footing. It is a big cultural leap to join an online dadamac session when you have never used a computer before - perhaps never even seen one. Also, greater hopitatlity should be shown for such new guests, - in fact, it would probably need a full rice meal after the online time (rather than the usual snacks and locally made drinks) and that is really beyond our budget. So it will be old friends who are invited - adn it will be lovley to meet them again, and introduce them to others in Dadamac's network.


Nikki and I will be sharing information about Dadamac day with people in our online network - people who have some connection with Teachers Talking or Dadamac. We have no idea who will log on to the chat room as a result - but as we don't have to prepare any snakcs beforehand the numbers are not so important. (We are checking with the chat room in case there is a maximium number of people who can log on there. If there is then it will probably be a be question of first come first served.)

We also hope to bring in other people from BarCampAfrica (which is where we will be).


If you know that you are joining us onine, or hope to, or can't but would have liked to - please consider writing a comment. Dadamac is all about helping people to connect with people. Writing a comment is a good way to add to your network and will encourage newcomers to be part of our network too - so we all benefit.

On behalf of Teachers Talking group - Kenya and the Center for African learning and Development, I would like to congratulate the Dadamac team (Pam, Nikki, Alheri and Chollom) in Nigeria and the UK for their efforts in organising this interactive community learning and knowledge sharing event (Coined as Dadamac Day).  Having been involved in this project since its initial stages, i understand very well the volunteer work that has been involved to achieve what exists today, this is a good examble of what can be achieved through the spirit  sharing ideas/information, knowledge and resources to change people's lives across digital divide despite all challenges involved.

I would encourage those who visit this page to make effort and attend this event, there is alot to learn, people you might want to network with and probably find answers to your needs at the Dadamac knowledge resource bank (interests).

David N. Mutua Founder/CEO Center for African learning and Development (CALD) International 8188 Legare Drive, Apt' 105 West Chester, Ohio 45069 Phone: 1 513 237 5911 Email: davenzainga@thecald.org, davenzainga@gmail.com, info@thecald.org Web

Hi David

Lovely to see you here as our first contributor to the comments, and thank you for encouraging people to join us.

I certainly hope dadamac.net will become a useful space for us to network and share knowledge. However I confess to being slightly confused by your reference to "people you might want to network with and probably find answers to your needs at the Dadamac knowledge resource bank (interests)." I hope we will share knowledge, and over time I hope we will collect up a useful bank of knowldge - but we are not there yet. I wonder what you have in mind when you refer to the "Dadamac knowledge resource bank (interests)". Perhaps it is something we we can work together to create - let me know your thoughts.


November 7th, 2009 is Dadamac's day I promise to come around on that day to chat publicly with all and sundry and I am happy I will be using my phone to join you all. I am as well ready to share my experience(the good,the bad and the ugly) of how I use my phone to connect to the internet with the help of Ricardo, Pam and FF. Hope my GPRS will still be much more sufficient to carry me on till the date. Cheers!

Sorry I cannot join you, but am away and offline.

Have a good time, and congratulations on the longevity and sustainability of the network.

David Hopson