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Collaboration, Education, Livelihoods and Development in a Changing World

Looking back at June and forward to July and the rest of 2012

It's half way through the year. Expect to see more aspects of Dadamac showing up on the Dadamac.net space as the year continues. Initially Dadamac.net was exclusively about projects at Fantsuam Foundation. Over the next few months we hope to include more about Collage Network (grew out of Dadamac - with a strong UK focus), FastTractor (set up in the UK with link to Nigeria), Kenyan friends (Nafsi Acrobats in Nairobi and Samwel Kongere in Rusinga Island) Yidnek Redda (from Ethiopia) Ramadan Chatta (Tanzania) and Folabi Folarin (SW Nigeria) - plus some of our interests in "Education and the Internet"

Pam's Notes: 

These items from dadamac's postereous show some of the things that have interested or concerned me.

First Thursdays: 
How it works - notes from Pamela McLean
On  the first Thursday of each month I  try to be online for an hour. I  invite some of my friends and  contacts to join me. I have no idea if  anyone will be willing and able to accept my invitation, but I wait  online in the hope that someone will arrive - and usually the result is  an interesting discussion of some kind - First Thursday in June

Blog posts this month

Once again this week’s UK-Nigeria meeting brought exciting updates about various projects and most gratifying of all we had an unexpected...
This week’s UK-Nigeria online meeting was unusual as we did not have the Nigerian input! The reason for this was that John Dada had...
Such is our relationship with John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation that despite bombs, curfews and poor connectivity he still endeavored to...