Dadamac Connect - its connections and launch

Dadamac Connect connects people, organisations and ideas. It was co-founded by Nicola (Nikki) Fishman and me (Pamela McLean) on September 1st 2014. It has the same DNA as our earlier Dadamac work (visible in part through but Dadamac Connect is more clearly defined. It connects many initiatives Nichola and I have  been involved in previously, together and separately. Some are visible at some happened elsewhere. 

Why Dadamac knows where it's going - but can't say where it begins or ends.

Dadamac knows where it's going, but it's hard to say where it begins and ends (which is why the idea of tidying up the organisation in future with Holacracy is so appealing - see Dadamac Holacracy Lite).

To make sense of Dadamac it's simplest to start in the middle, which is easy to find, because I'm at the middle of Dadamac.

Learning, doing and dancing in Dadamac

I love dancing. I also love learning new things - but only if I'm interested, and I like to learn in my own way. Maybe it's because I'm curious and I'm a confident self-direct learner, or maybe it's that I'm too lazy, or contrary, to learn stuff that someone else has decided I need to learn. Whatever the reason I find myself in Dadamac continually jumping between "doing stuff" and "needing to learn how", and I have come to see my learning as a dance.

In this Dadamac learning-by-doing dance my life skips between:

Dadamac Holacracy Lite

Holacracy is a way of structuring an evolving organisation and Dadamac is an evolving organisation (see Why Dadamac knows where it's going - but can't say where it begins or ends )

I'm calling the current Dadamac version "Holacracy Lite", because we haven't learned how to implement the full version properly yet. To date I'm the person in Dadamac who knows most about Holacracy - and I've only been on the one-day, introductory course. There is much more to be learned.

Connecting with Dadamac? Start here.

This is written for people who connect with Dadamac and need to understand its roots and character, in connection with their developing roles. It's probably too detailed for casual readers.


Dadamac was never planned, it just "kind of happened" in response to needs, and requests, and interests. It has been largely self-funded, running alongside various day jobs.  Much of its history can be found by dipping deep into

Via SumOfUs - Monsanto versus small farmers in Guatemala - get involved


SumOfUs writes - What happens when small farmers in Guatemala save seeds from one year to the next, as they have for centuries? They get up to four years in prison.

That’s according to the “Monsanto Law,” which was recently struck down by Guatemala’s highest court.

But now Monsanto is saying the law is required under free trade deals, and it's likely only a matter of time before it launches a wave of lawsuits to force Guatemala to give in.


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