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Collaboration, Education, Livelihoods and Development in a Changing World

Dadamac Limited

Dadamac Limited (Knowledge Brokers) is a UK registered company number 0545944. "Dadamac" is short for "John Dada and Pamela McLean".

John Dada and Pamela McLean have worked together since 2004, and are available for consultancy and collaborative projects.

Dipping into this website provides a taster of their wide interests, knowledge and networks.

Dadamac in Africa

Dadamac in Africa provides a unique direct link to knowledge and expertise in Africa. Through Dadamac you connect with the grass roots, and with a myriad of organisations and networks involved in needs led community development.

If you want an approach that cuts out the middeman, that gets beyond the gated compounds of the elites, and connects you with the people who will deliver true value then contact us.